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Week Three Picks

September 27th, 2009 Comments off

Too many damned road teams giving points. That’s what I see when I look over this week. And then I look at the individual games and, for the most part, it seems like the road teams should be giving points. That’s a recipe for disaster. A few teams that go in looking like they can’t lose are gonna come out of this week looking like they aren’t what we thought they were. Which ones? I have no idea. (Well, OK, I have a few ideas, but they’re almost certainly the wrong ideas.) Here’s what not to expect.

Kansas City (+8) at Philadelphia
If you wanna be excited about Michael Vick, that’s fine. I mean, pretty much everyone is at least interested to see how the Eagles will use Vick and to get at least a hint of what he’s capable of. Ultimately, though, Vick is a side show. He’s not gonna single-handedly revive the seriously banged up Philadelphia offense. And at least for this week he shouldn’t need to. The Eagles D should be able to give the Chiefs’ offense just about everything it can handle. I like the Chiefs to keep it ever so slightly closer than eight, but I can’t see them actually pulling off an upset straight up.

Green Bay (-6.5) at St. Louis
So you know that thing about heavy road favorites making me nervous? Not so much in this game. The rebuilding Rams won’t stand in the way of the Packers, who have already fallen a win behind the Vikings in their division and can’t afford to give away wins to less talented teams no matter where they’re played. Green Bay by nine.

San Francisco (+6.5) at Minnesota
Yeah, I’ll admit my exposure to the Niners thus far this season has been by way of highlights shows, so maybe I’m missing something. But I don’t get how there’s this idea that San Francisco is gonna be able to upset Minnesota on the road. I mean, it’s not even like the Vikes are just about one outstanding player (nor are they about one outstanding player and one over-age QB). Last I checked, they also had a hell of a defense. And that’s not gonna make it an easy afternoon for Frank Gore. I’m taking the Vikings and giving the points.

Cleveland (+13) at Baltimore
I wouldn’t watch this game if I were the parent of one of the Browns’ starters (for a couple of reasons). Baltimore wins handily, though I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Browns (assuming the can stick to football and not end up brawling with each other on the sidelines) make it at least a push with the points with a meaningless touchdown late in the game.

NY Giants (-6.5) at Tampa Bay
The Giants keep getting more and more banged up. Eventually, that’s bound to present a problem. But not until they play an actual professional football team. That ain’t this week. I’ll take the Bucs with the points, but only because I think the Giants are gonna keep it on the ground and make this a very low-scoring affair. The outcome, a New Jersey win, is never in doubt.

Jacksonville (+3.5) at Houston
I don’t know what to make of either of these teams. And, frankly, I don’t trust either of them. I’ll take the home squad and give the points, but I’m not gonna pretend to feel confident about that pick.

Tennessee (+3) at NY Jets
I’m not sure how you transition a team from winning a week two “super bowl” to preparing to face a tough but winless non-division squad. But I’ve got a pretty good feeling about how a team that’s way better than its 0-2 record and that can’t afford to get to 0-3 gets revved up for the same game. The Titans win it straight up.

Atlanta (+4) at New England
There’s a sense out there that the Patriots are in trouble. I’m not buying it. In fact, I won’t even believe the Patriots are in trouble if they lose this game. (Though if they lose because they’re out of healthy receivers, that’s a problem; how much of a problem depends on how bad the injuries are.) But the Patriots aren’t going to lose this game. Not for mystique or coaching or quarterback play. But because New England is playing better defensive football than most experts realize and also, and mostly, because Atlanta has no ability to stop the run. New England by a touchdown.

Washington (-6) at Detroit
This is it, right? Detroit’s big week. The game where they finally get off the schneid after 19 straight losses. That’s the romantic pick of the week, anyhow. Doesn’t change the fact that it’s not gonna happen, but you know, it’s a nice little thought. Portis or no Portis, Washington wins this one. Let’s say by four points.

Chicago (-1.5) at Seattle
So, I don’t know if you’ve heard — and if you haven’t be prepared because this may very well send a chill down your spine (or up your spine depending on which direction chills move in your personal lexicon) — but T.J. Houshmandzadeh says he’s gonna make the Bears pay for not signing him as a free agent during the off season. Best yet, apparently he’s gonna do it with Seneca Wallace throwing him the ball. So, yeah, that should teach Chicago to “ain’t holler” at T.J. Bears by three.

New Orleans (-6) at Buffalo
Here we are again. Yes, a road team favored by six officially should scare me to death. But it’s hard to imagine that Buffalo’s D can hold the Saints to less than 34 or that Buffalo’s offense can score more than 23. So I’m giving the points. Because what else am I supposed to do?

Miami (+6) at San Diego
I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see Miami pull off an upset here. I’m not picking it that way, because the Dolphins are traveling across the country and coming off a Monday night game, but it could happen. San Diego is contending with some significant injuries and hasn’t exactly been lighting it up so far this season. So I’m definitely not willing to give six. But three, probably. And certainly one.

Pittsburgh (-4) at Cincinnati
This is one of the week’s toughest games to pick. I think Cincinnati is going to be able to pull of the upset at home. But I’m not sure why. I know the Steelers struggled last week, but I’m kinda inclined to believe that only makes them all the more dangerous here. Likewise, while the Bengals played well in Green Bay, but I really need to see a bit more before I jump on a bandwagon. Still, this is a division matchup. The Bengals are at home. And I have picked more road favorites than I’m comfortable with. (Plus, look, I’m not gonna feel comfortable no matter how I pick.) So I’ll go with the Bengals to win, and at least half expect to be wrong.

Denver (-1.5) at Oakland
The Broncos are an uneven team. The Raiders are just plain bad. Denver by four.

Indianapolis (+2.5) at Arizona
The Colts are without a doubt the better team in this matchup. But they’re on the road for the second consecutive week. And they’re coming off what had to be an exhausting Monday nighter (for the defense anyhow) in Miami. So I’m taking the Cardinals straight up. But I’ll look for the Colts to make it a one-point game.

Carolina (+9) at Dallas
The defenses could end up doing the bulk of the scoring in this game. A pick six one way here. A pick six the other way there. And before you know it, you’ve got the Cowboys D beating the Panthers D, by, oh, hell, let’s say six. That’s my pick.

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Week Two Picks

September 19th, 2009 Comments off

It’s still way too early in the season for anyone to have any real idea of how things are shaping up in the NFL. But they insist on playing the games, so I insist on making my picks. Seems fair to me. Here, then, are a bunch of ill-informed predictions that no wise person would reasonably expect to have any relation to what might actually occur in week two.

Houston (+6.5) at Tennessee
Can an NFL team’s season end in week two? Well, not technically speaking, it can’t (obviously). But kinda, yeah. If the Texans lose by more than three scores yet again, that’s it. Finito. And that’s where this is headed. The Titans, at home and playing on 10 days rest, win by 17.

Minnesota (-9.5) at Detroit
God damn, but Adrian Peterson just keeps getting more and more impressive doesn’t he? I’ll take the Vikings and give the points.

Carolina (+6) at Atlanta
No, I don’t think Jake Delhomme is likely to turn in a third-straight miserable performance. Nor do I think Carolina will roll over for Atlanta the way Miami did. So, you know, I’m thinking the Falcons only win this one by three.

New Orleans (pick ’em) at Philadelphia
If Donovan McNabb were healthy, I’d have picked the Eagles regardless of how scary the Saints offense appears to be. Because I think Philadelphia’s D is good enough to slow New Orleans down. But McNabb isn’t healthy, and there’s only so long any defense can be on the field before it start to wear down. So I’m taking the Saints and wondering how many points I’d be willing to give if I had to.

Arizona (+3) at Jacksonville
So wait, wait, wait. I’m not remembering this wrong, am I? The Cardinals were in the Super Bowl like seven months ago, yes? And now, I’m hard pressed to come up with a reason to pick them to beat a team that’s in full-on rebuilding mode? Weird. This league is just plain weird sometimes. Because I have no faith in either team, I’ll take the home team to win and the visitors to cover. How’s that for fence sitting?

Oakland (+3) at Kansas City
The Chiefs still have a long road ahead of them. But the Raiders are going nowhere. Kansas City by a touchdown.

Cincinnati (+9) at Green Bay
It’s funny, you know, I had precious little respect for the Bengals going into last weekend and yet I still managed to lose some. Packers by 13.

New England (-3.5) at NY Jets
Forget the idiotic talk. It doesn’t matter. What matters most is whether the Patriots defense, playing without Jerod Mayo, can perform the way a Bill Belichick D typically performs against a rookie quarterback. That really is the long and short of it. Because, look, assertions to the contrary notwithstanding, the Patriots offense had a very good opening week outing. They could have put more points up (or the same points, but somewhat earlier), but that about sums up their need to improve on O. And while the Jets got out to a much better start than most expected, it bears noting that they did it against a perpetual cellar-dweller team. I expect the Pats offense to put up between 24 and 34 points. And as long as New England’s defense has something approaching its normal level of success flustering inexperienced QBs, even the lower end of that range should be enough. It seems to me that while Mayo is undoubtedly a loss, and while the Pats D we saw Monday night clearly has some maturing to do (no surprise there), neither of those things should stop Belichick from getting into Mark Sanchez’s head. I’m gonna take the Pats and give the points.

St. Louis (+9.5) at Washington
I don’t want to think about Washington. And I refuse to think about St. Louis. So take this from where it comes and all, but I’m taking the home team straight up, but the visitors with the points.

Tampa Bay (+5) at Buffalo
If the Bills can come within one boneheaded play of upsetting the Patriots in Foxborough, you have to imagine they’ll have little trouble dismantling the Buccaneers at home. Even on a short week. Buffalo by six.

Seattle (+1.5) at San Francisco
Let’s see, which of these 1-0 teams do I not believe in more? Honestly, I won’t know until Sunday evening. Until then, I’m just picking the home team. And giving the point and a half. Whatever.

Baltimore (+3) at San Diego
So now the Chargers get to face the team that has both a defense and and offense. That should hurt. Ravens, 14-13.

Cleveland (+3) at Denver
I might be nuts here, but I kinda feel like if it were up to me, no matter how much of a jackass he may be, as long as I had Brandon Marshall on my team, I’d be inclined to try to use him. Just a thought. Or, you know, I guess hoping the ball bounces into your other receivers’ hands at exactly the right moment week after week is a strategy, too. Of course, it’s not like any of it matters much this week. Because even without Marshall, you have to think Denver would win and probably cover. Let’s say Broncos by four.

Pittsburgh (-3) at Chicago
You know, if I were Jay Cutler, I’m not sure Pittsburgh’s defense is the unit I’d want to have to try to turn things around against. You get what you get. I don’t expect Cutler to throw four picks again, but I do expect him to have another rough night. Steelers, 20-13.

NY Giants (+2.5) at Dallas
There are plenty of reasons to like the Cowboys here, none of which has anything to do with the team’s new stadium. They start with a lopsided recent history and range up to the fact the Giants come in seriously banged up and even thinner at wide receiver than they were going into the season (that’s not good). And still, somehow, I’m expecting to see the Giants fun the ball down the Cowboys’ throats, and to slip out of Dallas with a very narrow victory as a result. I’m taking New Jersey straight up, Dallas with the points.

Indianapolis (-3) at Miami
Can last season’s 11-5 AFC East Champions really start 0-2? Yes, they really, really can. Colts win straight up. It’s a push with the points.

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Week One Picks, Part Two

September 12th, 2009 Comments off

Here we go. Fifteen more picks you can count on to be anywhere from somewhat off the mark to just dead wrong. You heard it here first.

Jacksonville (+7) at Indianapolis
There may be more questions surrounding the Colts heading into this season than there have been in several years (notably the one about whether the team can continue to achieve at a high level in the post Dungy era), but none of them is “Can they beat the Jags at home?” Jacksonville is fielding a very young team this season. And while I suspect there may be many things for Jaguars fans to feel optimistic about by the time the season wraps up, there’s almost no cause for optimism as they head to face a tough, experienced, elite division foe in an opening weekend matchup. Colts by 13.

Detroit (+13) at New Orleans
Hey, it might be fun to watch the Saints offense do its thing. And it could be interesting to see what the New Orleans D can do with its starting ends on the field, which it appears won’t be the case a week from now. (Though it’s hard to imagine we’ll get much of a read on whether even an intact Saints D is for real based on how it performs against the Lions, led by a rookie quarterback.) Other than that, unless you’re a fan of one of the teams, there’s not a whole lot of reason to care about this game, let alone plan to watch it. Me, I’ll wait for the highlights. I’m taking the Saints and giving the points.

Philadelphia (+1) at Carolina
Let’s assume that the oddsmakers are correct and this is a relatively even matchup. If that’s the case (and I’m not sure it is, even on the Panthers’ home field), then the difference should come from line play. That’s not insight; it’s axiom. Well, I’m not entirely sure what to expect when Philadelphia’s on offense, because I’ve yet to see how the Eagles O line and the Carolina D line hold up in the face of some key injuries. I’m gonna call it a wash because I don’t know what else to do. When the ball’s moving the other way, I’m expecting the Eagles D line to outperform the Panthers O line. So that’s Philly winning the war in the trenches. And that’s Philly winning the game. Let’s say by three.

Dallas (-6) at Tampa Bay
If the Bucs can’t even pretend to care about fielding a competitive team, how can anyone even pretend to think they have a chance against a solid opponent? Cowboys by at least a touchdown.

NY Jets (+5) at Houston
There are folks out there who think the Texans are going to be a very good team this season. Of course, it seems like there are folks out there who think that every season. In the past, I’ve sometimes been one of them. Now, I’m done until I see something. And edging out a Jets team that’s in no way ready for the regular season to start isn’t what I have in mind. Texans by a field goal.

Kansas City (+13) at Baltimore
Not even if Matt Cassel were 100 percent, which he isn’t. I’ll take the Chiefs with the points, but only because you can only pick so many double-digit favorites in a given week. The Ravens own this game straight up.

Denver (+4) at Cincinnati
I’m not sold on the whole Cincinnati as a sleeper thing that’s going around. I mean, look, the weapons are there, but the weapons are always there with this team. It’s just a matter of how they get used. By the end of the season, I suspect it’ll be the Broncos who have emerged as the real sleeper. But here, on opening weekend, with Kyle Orton still nursing a banged up finger on his throwing hand, I’ve gotta take the Bengals. And, you know what, I’ll even give the points.

Minnesota (-4) at Cleveland
This is the lock of the week. I don’t care where this game’s being played, with Adrian Peterson and the Vikings’ D to reckon with, the Browns will be lucky to keep it within 14, let alone four.

Miami (+4) at Atlanta
I don’t expect either of these teams to be as good this season as it was last. But I do expect Atlanta to get off to a somewhat strong start. That will include an opening week win at home, though I don’t think it’ll be by quite four points.

Washington (+6.5) at NY Giants
I’m sorely tempted to take Washington here. Not because I think the Native Americans are the better team. Far from it. It’s just that I’ve grown accustomed to seeing Washington do well early and fall apart late. Plus, the Giants still haven’t developed consistent, reliable targets for Eli Manning. I’m sure they will soon enough, but I’d really feel better about their chances in a fierce division rivalry game if they’d done it already. Still, I’m taking New York, though I think the Giants will win it by more like four than six and a half.

San Francisco (+6.5) at Arizona
Oh, look, it’s an NFC West game. Yup. Sure is. Exciting stuff, huh? Arizona by seven.

St. Louis (-8.5) at Seattle
Oh, look, it’s another NFC West game. What a way to usher in a football season. Seattle by some margin that may or may not exceed eight and a half. (What? Oh. Really? I have to? OK, whatever. Seattle by nine.)

Chicago (+4.5) at Green Bay
I’m psyched that this game is happening on Sunday night. Because after Philadelphia-Carolina, this is by far the day’s most exciting matchup. I’m excited to see what the Bears can accomplish with Jay Cutler under center. And I’m very interested to see to what degree Aaron Rodgers can expose a highly suspect Bears pass D. I’ll take the Pack, give the points, and bet the over.

Buffalo (+10.5) at New England
There are reasons for Patriots fans to worry about the team’s very young defense slipping up in costly ways once or twice during the season. But not on an opening Monday night in Foxborough against a Buffalo squad with few options on offense and a group of offensive linemen whom you’d have to tip if they hailed you a cab. And certainly not with Tom Brady and Randy Moss doing their reunion thing on the other side of the ball. Pats by 20.

San Diego (-9.5) at Oakland
The Chargers have won the last 11 meetings between these two teams. Is there any reason to believe they won’t have made it a bakers dozen before this season is out? San Diego by a touchdown.

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Week One, Opening Game, Pick

September 10th, 2009 Comments off

I’m not gonna get all of my week one picks wrapped up before kickoff tonight. So here’s what probably won’t happen between the Titans and the Steelers. I’ll get back to you tomorrow with my hopelessly off-the-mark assessment of the other 15 games.

Tennessee (+6) at Pittsburgh
If it weren’t for a belief that it’s never wise to bet on a week one game (OK, it’s never wise to gamble at all, but you know what I mean), I’d be sorely tempted to take the points here. I mean, look, these are both very good football teams. But my sense is that the Steelers aren’t quite as good as they’re perceived to be while the Titans are coming into the season at least a little bit underrated. I’m not taking Tennessee straight up, mind you. Maybe in Nashville, but not in Pittsburgh. I’m just saying I think it’s gonna by a tough fight and a close finish. I expect see a low-scoring, highly competitive affair. And I expect the Titans to have a chance to win if late. But they won’t. Steelers 17-13.

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2009 Season Predictions

September 9th, 2009 Comments off

Here we go with the most valueless predictions I’ll make all season (and, baby, is that saying something). You know, since it’s not quite frustrating enough for me to get things wrong on a week-by-week basis, I like to start every season by making stupid predictions about how the whole damned NFL season will shake out. Smart, huh?

Here’s what I can predict with near certainty: At least one team that I think is gonna suck is gonna win its division. And at least one team that I expect to see great things from is gonna tank in a major way. (The good news for me is that the same can be said of the season predictions being put out there by actual experts. The bad news for me is that they get paid for their predictions.)

So I go ahead and do it. Every year. And you know what? It’s a safe bet Brett Favre calls it quits before I do. And, hell, he was good once. It was a long time ago, so maybe you don’t remember. But he really was.

Regular Season Records
As per usual, even I’m not stupid enough to think it’s possible to predict the records NFL teams will finish with. But if I’m predicting something, I’ve gotta predict something. So what you get from me is a range of the total wins I think each team is likely to achieve. That, you know, gives me a better chance at being right. Or at least it does in theory. In reality, it usually just makes me even more embarrassingly wrong. It’s a nice little trick. Check it out.

AFC East

New England Patriots, 12-15
The equation starts with the assumption that you have to be at least one win better with Tom Brady under center than you were with Matt Cassel. It moves on to take in the appearance that this team is more balanced than the 2007 squad that went 16-0. And it ends with the belief that you can never expect any team to win all 16 games in a regular season — certainly not twice.

Miami Dolphins, 7-11
Seven if last season was about smoke and mirrors (and the surprise rollout of the wildcat in the NFL). Eleven if the 2008 Dolphins were for real. Somewhere in between if everything else works out, but Chad Pennington takes half a step in the wrong direction.

New York Jets, 6-9
Adjust up by one if the Jets manage to find a receiver. Maybe two if it’s Brandon Marshall.

Buffalo Bills, 6-8
Sorry, coach, but TO or no TO, this is the end of the line.

AFC North

Pittsburgh Steelers, 10-14
Same team, different division. The big question is, how different?

Baltimore Ravens, 9-13
It’s all about Joe Flacco. If he improves over a standout rookie campaign, the Ravens win the division. He hits a sophomore slump, the team misses the playoffs.

Cincinnati Bengals, 7-9
The Bengals appear to be one of the most improved teams in the league. But only if Carson Palmer’s ankle heals up and if the rest of him stays healthy. I’m not sure you can count on either of those things in a punishing division like the AFC North.

Cleveland Browns, 2-5
Who’s the starting quarterback? Who cares?

AFC South

Tennessee Titans, 11-13
There’s no reason not to expect the Titans to pick up where they left off. Whether the division falls into their hands or they end up in a season-long battle depends more on what happens in Indianapolis than anything else.

Indianapolis Colts, 10-12
The off-season changes that have taken place in Indy aren’t minor by any standard. Still, the team should have plenty of firepower to make a run for the division title (and the conference two seed). How that firepower is used will make the difference.

Jacksonville Jaguars, 5-8
That’s one win for every committed Jaguars fan.

Houston Texans, 4-7
And the beat goes on.

AFC West

San Diego Chargers, 7-10
Is LaDainian Tomlinson poised for a huge year or a huge breakdown? Can a team succeed in year three under Norv Turner? Does it even matter in a division that can probably be won at 9-7?

Denver Broncos, 7-10
I like Kyle Orton. I don’t like him as much as I like Jay Cutler (talentwise, I mean), though there’s no question his attitude is a step up. And I’d like him a lot more if I were sure he was going to have Brandon Marshall stretching the field for him all season. Still, Denver’s got as good a chances as San Diego of take the AFC West — and of bowing to a wild card team (quite possibly a wild card team that comes in with a better record than them) in the first week of the playoffs.

Kansas City Chiefs, 5-8
The Chiefs may well contend for a division title in 2010. This season, 8-8 would be an absolute triumph.

Oakland Raiders, 2-5
Can someone help me understand how you make a win-now deal for Richard Seymour when you have no more hope of winning now with him than you had without?

NFC East

Philadelphia Eagles, 9-13
No team in the NFC East is winning more than 13 games. The Eagles could hit the limit if Brian Westbrook is healthy. If he isn’t, they’re still a formidable team, but they’re in for a tough fight in a brutal division.

New York Giants, 9-13
If they develop targets for Eli Manning, the Giants stand as good a chance as any team of winning this division (and quite possibly the conference title). If they don’t, well, there’s only so much Brandon Jacobs and Kevin Boss can do.

Dallas Cowboys, 8-10
Comings and goings elsewhere aside, the Cowboys (like most teams) will live or die based on quarterback play, and I’m less sure than ever that Tony Romo is anything more than a slightly better than average NFL QB.

Washington Redskins, 7-9
The Redskins may potentially be a force in the uncapped 2010 season — if anyone worth throwing tons of cash at actually makes it to free agency. This season, they’re just another unbalanced Washington squad.

NFC North

Green Bay Packers, 10-12
The Packers are the only team in their division without a new starting quarterback this season. They’re also the only team in the division that didn’t need one. While the rest of the North adjusts, it’s Green Bay’s division to lose.

Minnesota Vikings, 8-10
Brett Favre isn’t going to win games for the Vikings. He may manage to lose a couple– but that might still be a couple fewer than Tarvaris Jackson would have lost. This is Adrian Peterson’s team, and if they manage to steal the division or snag a wild card spot, it’ll be Peterson’s legs (and a badass D) that get them there.

Chicago Bears, 6-9
By the time this season’s over, Jay Cutler’s gonna seriously regret whining his way out of Denver, and the Bears are gonna seriously regret facilitating his exit.

Detroit Lions, 3-5
The Lions may not be the NFL’s most mismanaged team anymore (send your paper bags to Oakland, please), but they are still the Lions.

NFC South

New Orleans Saints, 10-13
The Saints offense should put the team in position to win at least 12 games all by itself. Whether the D helps, hinders or holds its own will decide where the team goes from there.

Carolina Panthers, 8-12
I have no real idea what to make of the Panthers, because I have no real idea what to make of Jake Delhomme.

Atlanta Falcons, 8-12
Another team that could win the division or crash and burn. It should be the former. The weapons are all there. But I’ve got this weird feeling it’s not gonna work out.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 3-5
The NFC South may not be the best division in football, but it’s gonna be highly competitive, which means its one mess of a team is in big trouble.

NFC West

Arizona Cardinals, 9-12
The Cardinals have the weapons to run away with this lackluster division. The only question is, do they have the attitude? If they do, it’s a slam dunk. If they don’t, they probably still take the title by default.

Seattle Seahawks, 6-9
Another Seahawks team that it’s hard to imagine anyone outside of Seattle will even notice.

San Francisco 49ers, 5-7
The Niners have about as much chance of posting a winning season as they do of signing Michael Crabtree before their season opener.

St. Louis Rams, 3-6
Steve Spagnuolo will turn this team around in a big way. Eventually.


And now, to be completely ridiculous, a look at how the playoffs won’t turn out. Let’s start with our seedings:

1. New England
2. Tennessee
3. Baltimore
4. Denver
5. Pittsburgh
6. Indianapolis

1. Philadelphia
2. New Orleans
3. Green Bay
4. Arizona
5. NY Giants
6. Minnesota

Wild Card Playoffs

Baltimore defeats Indianapolis
Pittsburgh defeats Denver

Green Bay defeats Minnesota
NY Giants defeat Arizona

Divisional Playoffs

Baltimore defeats Tennessee
New England defeats Pittsburgh

Green Bay defeats New Orleans
Philadelphia defeats NY Giants

Conference Championships

New England defeats Baltimore

Philadelphia defeats Green Bay

Super Bowl XLIV
New England defeats Philadelphia, 37-21

That’s what I’ve got. So, you know, let’s get to all the stuff I predicted would happen not happening. That’s the fun part, anyhow.

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