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It’s More Than A Standard Asshole-Off

November 4th, 2004

You know, Terrell Owens is a jackass. There’s no two ways about that. He’s a low-class egomaniac and an exceedingly poor sport. And his taunting of the Baltimore Ravens during last Sunday’s very close Philly-Baltimore game (a game the Ravens likely would have won had Jamal Lews not been serving a suspension) is just the latest incident in a long history of T.O. making an idiot of himself for the cameras.

But here’s the thing: On the subject of who is a worse person, and who is ultimately worse for the league and the game, Owens or Baltimore linebacker Ray Lewis, T.O. is dead on. There’s simply no comparison. Owens is an embarrassment, a guy who deserves regular admonishment for his on-field behavior. But in the end, he’s hurting no one. Lewis, on the other hand … well, he got off, so that’s about all I can say. Indeed.

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