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November 9th, 2004

So St. Louis Rams coach Mike Martz is unhappy about a lot of things. And why wouldn’t he be? His team has taken beating in two straight games, most recently at the hands of an injury-plagued New England Patriots team. Martz can’t get over the fact that his team, with al of its big, big offensive weapons got slaughtered (on its home turf) by the Pats, whose secondary featured an undrafted rookie, a guy just signed from the practice squad and a wide-receiver doing ironman fill-in duty.

Yeah, that’s pretty bad, dude. But suck it up and admit you got beat. Don’t go mouthing off once again (the way you did after the Pats stunned your team in Super Bowl XXXVI two years ago) about how the Pats D got away with holds. It doesn’t wash now just as it didn’t wash then.

The reasons your team got beat on Sunday are that the Pats are better than your guys, the Pats play like a team whereas you (like pretty much everyone else in the league) have a group of loosely allied individuals on your side, and, perhaps most important, you’re not half the coach Bill Belichick is. In truth, you’re not a tenth the coach Belichick is. And that’s why the Pats will beat your Rams every single time. That might hurt, but it’s the truth.

Want some advice, Mike? Do yourself a favor and quit bellyaching about what happened Sunday. Because if you don’t stop whining about what happened with the Patriots and start thinking about the fact that the Seahawks are coming to town this weekend (I saw the Seahawks play the Pats a few weeks back; they’re better than your team), your season’s gonna come crashing down around your head in a hurry.

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