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Week Five Picks (post Thursday night)

October 6th, 2017

Well, so far so average.

I managed to peg the winner of the Thursday night game straight up. And outcome was a push with the five points Tampa Bay was getting. So, you know, there was no getting that one wrong (or right).

I guess I’ll take it.

Here’s what not to expect from this week’s remaining games.

LA Chargers (+3.5) at NY Giants
These two teams are pretty much identical, right down to their 0-4 records. In this type of situation you look for the home team not to lose. Giants by three.

Buffalo (+3) at Cincinnati
The Bills may or may not turn out to be for real. But until I see clear evidence to the contrary, I’m going to be of the opinion that Buffalo’s a lot closer to real than Cincinnati. Bills by six.

NY Jets (+1) at Cleveland
Um … um … um … . Hmmm. Yeah, I’ve got nothing. Jets, I guess. Maybe by a field goal?

Jacksonville (+8.5) at Pittsburgh
You can’t lose to the Jets in New Jersey one week, then turn around and beat the Steelers in Pittsburgh the next. I don’t think you can, anyhow. I mean, right? Except, you know, the Jaguars probably will. But I’m not picking that. Steelers by a touchdown.

Tennessee (-3) at Miami
Know what the Dolphins do well? Nothing, really. Titans by four.

San Francisco (+1.5) at Indianapolis
It’s fairly easy to take advantage of the Colts’ horrendous defense. If you have an offense. Too bad for the Niners. Indy by three.

Arizona (+6.5) at Philadelphia
I don’t know how long the Eagles are going to be able to maintain the success they’ve had over the first quarter of the season. But I don’t think a one-dimensional squad like the Cardinals poses much of a threat. Philadelphia by nine.

Carolina (+2.5) at Detroit
A second straight road game and an opponent with an actual defense is not a formula for a Carolina win. Lions by six.

Seattle (+1) at LA Rams
It just doesn’t seem like this is the Seahawks’ year, does it? Of course, it won’t ultimately be the Rams’ year either unless they grow a defense. But that’s a matter for another day. Los Angeles by seven.

Baltimore (+2.5) at Oakland
The Raiders might still be an average-ish football team even without Derek Carr behind center. And average-ish seems to be all it takes to handle the sputtering Ravens this season. Raiders by one takeaway and one point.

Green Bay (+2.5) at Dallas
The Packers haven’t been so great at stopping the run this season. That could potentially be a problem in this game. But I don’t think it’ll be enough of a problem to cost Green Bay a win. Packers by three.

Kansas City (-1) at Houston
Traveling on a short week after a hard-fought win in Washington Monday night could make this matchup a difficult one for the Chiefs. I’m reluctant to pick against Kansas City, a team that has earned its status as the NFL’s last undefeated team. But I think I’m going to take a chance here. Texans by a point.

Minnesota (-3) at Chicago
I’m sure Mitchell Trubisky‘s going to do just fine. Eventually. Vikings by a touchdown.

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