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Week Three Picks

September 27th, 2020

Well, this week is off to a fine start. I called the Thursday night game backward. And, of course, I should have known. You know, given the quality of the teams and the ease of playing on the road on a Thursday.

Let’s see how much deeper I can dig this hole, shall we?

Here’s what not to expect over the rest of week three.

Chicago (+3) at Atlanta
There’s really no picking this game. Even if one were to set aside the still results from these teams’ first two games — the Bears fared well against what we assume are weak teams while the Falcons have performed poorly (and heartbreakingly — if you care about the Falcons) against what we assume are strong teams — it’s not clear that Atlanta’s going to be able to field a team. I guess I’ll assume they are (lot of assumptions here) and hedge a bit by saying home team takes it by a point.

LA Rams (+2) at Buffalo
The Rams have looked good so far this season. But the Bills have looked better. And since Buffalo’s playing at home and the Rams are making the long trip east, I’m thinking Buffalo by a touchdown.

Washington (+7) at Cleveland
This may be a bigger game than many realize. The winner will pretty much have the season they were going to have anyhow, while the loser will face exactly the same fate. Exciting stuff. Browns by six.

Tennessee (-2.5) at Minnesota
Someone should probably tell the Vikings the preseason was canceled, not postponed. The Titans certainly seem to have figured it out. Tennessee by nine.

Las Vegas (+6) at New England
The Raiders offense has been playing very well so far this season. We’ll see if it holds up with a cross-country trip on a short rest. I expect Las Vegas will put up some points. Enough points? Probably not. The Patriots should have a good day against a Raiders D that struggles to stop the run. And that should be enough. New England by seven.

San Francisco (-3) at NY Giants
Anyone know if there’s an over/under on significant injuries in this game? I’m thinking 3.5 would be reasonable. Niners? By two points.

Cincinnati (+4) at Philadelphia
I’ve been able to confirm that there will indeed be a football in play throughout this week’s game. But no one has been able to assure me that either team will recognize it. Eagles by three.

Houston (+4) at Pittsburgh
After this week, the Texans get a short break from what’s been an absolutely brutal schedule. They can look forward to that, anyhow. Steelers by 14.

NY Jets (+11.5) at Indianapolis
The Jets are just not ready. Colts by 10.

Carolina (+6.5) at LA Chargers
The Panthers probably couldn’t win this one at full strength. They’re not at full strength. Chargers by 13.

Tampa Bay (-6) at Denver
Playing in Denver has posed a bit of a challenge for Tom Brady over the years. But winning there hasn’t exactly been impossible for the GOAT. And a fairly weak Broncos team should make the hurdle a little bit easier to clear. Bucs by four.

Detroit (+5.5) at Arizona
Can a team be done after two games? Probably not. But also probably yeah, maybe. Cardinals by 14.

Dallas (+5) at Seattle
Bet the over. And expect fireworks. Seahawks by three.

Green Bay (+3) at New Orleans
The Saints have looked a bit off. Might be just a factor of the unusual circumstances of this season. Might be something else. But it’s something. Packers by a field goal.

Kansas City (+3.5) at Baltimore
The Ravens are just better than the defending champs right now. Still, this should be a spectacular football game. Baltimore by six.

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