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NFL 2021 Week Ten Picks

November 14th, 2021

Here’s what not to expect over the rest of week ten.

Atlanta (+9) at Dallas
Last week, the Cowboys lost to a team they should have been have been able to handle with relative ease. But last week was upset week. I expect to see Dallas right the ship at Atlanta’s expense. Cowboys by 13.

New Orleans (+3) at Tennessee
This is not the Saints’ year. It might be the Titans’ year. Tennessee by seven.

Jacksonville (+10) at Indianapolis
Maybe the Colts are that much better than the Jaguars (or, actually, maybe the Jags are that much worse than the Colts), but I don’t think so. Indianapolis by six.

Cleveland (+2.5) at New England
Over the past two weeks, it’s started to look like the Patriots have got their legs under them. We’ll see how that plays out over the long term. In the short term, I think we see the New England D to hold Cleveland to 17 points or fewer, which should translate to the Patriots winning by at least 4.

Buffalo (-13) at NY Jets
On the road against a divisional opponent is always an uphill battle. Well, it’s almost always an uphill battle. Except when it isn’t. Bills by 17.

Detroit (+5.5) at Pittsburgh
The 2021 Steelers are uneven at best. The 2021 Lions give up more points on average than every other team in the NFL, and score fewer than 28. Uneven at best should be more than enough to get the job done. Pittsburgh by seven.

Tampa Bay (-10) at Washington
The most productive offense in the league against one of the least effective Ds. This is not a formula for a competitive game. Tampa by somewhere north of 14.

Carolina (+9) at Arizona
There was never going to be any solving quarterback in time for this matchup for the Panthers. Arizona by 20.

Minnesota (+3) at LA Chargers
In a division as competitive as the AFC West, you have to win the games you’re supposed to win. The Chargers are supposed to win this one. They will. Los Angeles by four.

Philadelphia (+1.5) at Denver
The Eagles win games on the ground. But the way you beat the Broncos is through the air. That could prove a difficult challenge for the visitors to overcome. Denver by three.

Seattle (+3) at Green Bay
Aaron Rodgers deserves to have his head taken off. Maybe the Seahawks can do it. Probably they won’t. Packers by a point.

Kansas City (-2.5) at Las Vegas
Have the Chiefs grown a defense? (This is not a sincere question. They hav not.) Las Vegas by six.

LA Rams (-3.5) at San Francisco
The Rams are a second tier team. But they’re still a solid step ahead of the Niners. Los Angeles by three.

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