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NFL 2022 Week Eight Post Thursday Night Picks

October 30th, 2022

Denver (+2.5) vs. Jacksonville at Wembley Stadium, London
If this game were an actual home game for the Jaguars, I’d think you could safely give six or seven. Even in London, half that seems reasonable. Jacksonville by a field goal.

Carolina (+4) at Atlanta
This looks like a real barn burner in the making, doesn’t it? Falcons by a point.

Chicago (+10) at Dallas
The Bears had a surprisingly easy time of it in their visit to Foxborough Monday night. There isn’t likely to be anything easy about playing a second straight road game in Dallas on short rest. Cowboys by 13.

Miami (-3.5) at Detroit
I don’t know if the Dolphins truly are a good team. But I do know that the Lions are truly, truly awful. Miami by nine.

Arizona (+3.5) at Minnesota
Just three and a half? Has anyone in Vegas seen the Cardinals play? Has anyone, anywhere seen the Cardinals defense? Vikings by a touchdown.

Las Vegas (-1.5) at New Orleans
The Saints defense has trouble stopping … well, pretty much anything. That’s not a terribly difficult puzzle to solve. Raiders by six.

New England (-2.5) at NY Jets
Totally makes sense that the 3-4 visitors should be giving points to the 5-2 home team. Right? Patriots by a point.

Pittsburgh (+11) at Philadelphia
This is gonna get ugly quick. Eagles by 20.

Tennessee (pick ’em) at Houston
Location and the familiarity of division rivals will he the only things that keep this game close. In the end, it’s the Titans by three.

Washington (+3) at Indianapolis
I think I’d prefer to watch a slap fight between the owners. Do we think that can be arranged? Colts? I guess. By let’s say a point.

San Francisco (pick ’em) at LA Rams
The Rams really should win this game. The Rams really need to win this game. But the Rams aren’t going to win this game. Niners by three.

NY Giants (+3) at Seattle
The Giants get no respect. What they do get is wins. Those are arguably more valuable than respect. New Jersey by a point.

Green Bay (+10.5) at Buffalo
It’s hard to get your head around, but the Packers really just are not a very good football team this season. The Bills, meanwhile, are one of the best teams in the league. And the Bills have had two weeks to prepare while the Packers are playing on the road for a second straight week. None of this points to a close game. Buffalo by 17.

Cincinnati (-3) at Cleveland
The trick to watching this game is not to expect a treat. Bengals by 10.

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