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Week Twelve, Thursday Night

November 21st, 2019

Thursday has snuck up on me again, which means all I have time to do right now is tell you what won’t happen tonight. I’ll save the rest of my inaccurate predictions for tomorrow or Saturday.

Indianapolis (+3.5) at Houston
I don’t know which is the better of these teams. Actually, I’m not sure either of them is. This is about as even a match as you’re likely to see. Neither am I confident I know which team needs the win more. It’s probably the Texans given that the Colts took the first game in the season series. But the reality is that these teams aren’t only in competition with each other. The Titans (and even the Jaguars) aren’t so far back that they can’t catch up and complicate the AFC South race. And the field of AFC wild card contenders is deep and varied as well. The losing team here is going to have its work cut out for it. Me, I’m just going to fall back on the strategy of taking the home team in a Thursday night game unless there’s a compelling reason to do otherwise. Texans by a field goal.

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