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NFL 2021 Week Sixteen Picks, Post Thursday Night

December 25th, 2021

Cleveland (+7.5) at Green Bay
Sooner or later, something was bound to disrupt the weekly alternating win-loss pattern the Browns have been in since week seven. A Christmas trip to Wisconsin ought to do the trick. Packers by 10.

Indianapolis (+2.5) at Arizona
The Colts have the look of one of those teams that comes on at just the right time. And the Cardinals have the look of one of those teams that fades at just the wrong time. Indy by three.

Detroit (-6.5) at Atlanta
The Lions already have two more wins this season (and three fewer losses) than anyone had any right to expect. The Falcons stink, but they’ll take this one by a field goal.

Baltimore (+4.5) at Cincinnati
The only reason I can come up with for predicting a Ravens win here is that the other result would give the Bengals the inside track in the race for the AFC North title. Thing is, that feels like enough. Baltimore by a point.

LA Chargers (-10.5) at Houston
The Chargers probably need to win out to stay in the postseason picture. The Texans certainly need to just get through their last three games and start figuring out what comes next. Los Angeles by 10.

LA Rams (-3.5) at Minnesota
I think the Vikings are gonna have a hard time establishing the run against the Rams. That’s not good news for Minnesota. Los Angeles by three.

Buffalo (+2) at New England
If the Patriots can actually field an offense, and their defense shows up for the full game, they should be able to beat the Bills again and all but sew up the AFC East title in the process. I’m gonna guess it breaks that way. New England by four.

Jacksonville (+1.5) at NY Jets
Neither of these teams has an offense. And neither of these teams has a defense. I’m really not sure either of these teams actually exists. In theory, though, let’s figure New Jersey beats Jacksonville by three.

NY Giants (+10) at Philadelphia
It really isn’t a very good time to be a football fan in northern New Jersey, is it? Eagles by nine.

Tampa Bay (-10) at Carolina
The Buccaneers can win the NFC South with a victory. But they’re winning the division one way or another. It’s really all about postseason seeding at this point. That’s important. And the Bucs will demonstrate that they know it with a decisive win. Tampa by 14 (or more).

Chicago (+6.5) at Seattle
Say what you want about the 2021 Seahawks, but they sure do know how to beat the stuffing out of weak opponents. Seattle by 17.

Pittsburgh (+8.5) at Kansas City
This should just about do it for the Steelers. Kansas City by 13.

Denver (pick ’em) at Las Vegas
The prize is the right to pretend you have a shot of making the playoffs for one more week. Vegas by a point.

Washington (+10) at Dallas
Brand X is done. But they’ll keep this one to within a single score purely out of spite. Dallas by seven.

Miami (-2.5) at New Orleans
I’d pick the home team in either stadium. Saints by three.

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