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NFL 2021 Week Seventeen Picks

January 2nd, 2022

Atlanta (+14.5) at Buffalo
The Bills are two easy home wins away from a second straight AFC East title. They’ll put this one away early. Buffalo by 20.

NY Giants (+6) at Chicago
Oh, fun! A late season game between eliminated teams in which not even draft order has any meaning (since the Giants own the Bears’ first-round pick). This should be a real humdinger. Bears by three.

Kansas City (-5) at Cincinnati
If the Bengals can’t find ways to win games like this, their postseason run is going to be a very short one. Kansas City by a field goal.

Miami (+3.5) at Tennessee
The Dolphins may get a chance to play spoilers when they host the Patriots next weekend. (Though probably only around seeding since the possibility of New England losing at home to Jacksonville this weekend is fairly remote.) But that’s about the only role they’re likely to play in relation to the 2022 postseason. Titans by six.

Las Vegas (+6.5) at Indianapolis
The Raiders are hanging on by a thread. The Colts have a real shot at making a championship run. Indy by nine.

Jacksonville (+15.5) at New England
A win over the bad and depleted Jaguars probably puts the Patriots in the postseason. New England by 17.

Tampa Bay (-13) at NY Jets
The Buccaneers are playing for seeding. The Jets aren’t really playing at all. Tampa by 14.

Philadelphia (-3) at Washington
I don’t think Brand X is likely to give up the ghost readily. Eagles by a point.

LA Rams (-3.5) at Baltimore
The Ravens continue their extended slide into the offseason. Rams by four.

Denver (+6.5) at LA Chargers
If the Chargers win out and get a bit of help they can still qualify for the tournament. I think they’ll do their part this week. Los Angeles by three.

Houston (+12.5) at San Francisco
Things aren’t looking so great for the Niners. But they shouldn’t need much by way of quarterback play to win this game. San Francisco by seven.

Arizona (+5.5) at Dallas
If this game were being played in Glendale, I’d probably be looking for the Cardinals to stop their slide and reassert their position as a dangerous team. In Dallas I’m just not sure. Cowboys by four.

Carolina (+6.5) at New Orleans
Neither of these teams is going anywhere, mostly because neither of these teams has a quarterback. But the Panthers extra don’t have a QB this week. Saints by seven.

Detroit (+7) at Seattle
It’s been a rough season for the Seahawks. But it hasn’t been that rough. Seattle by nine.

Minnesota (+6.5) at Green Bay
With wins over weak divisional opponents this week and next, the Packers can earn the right to be eliminated from the postseason in front of their own fans. Again. That’s pretty exciting. Right? Green Bay by seven.

Cleveland (-3) at Pittsburgh
There’s an era ending in Pittsburgh. But I don’t see it ending with a home loss to the Browns. Steelers by three.

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