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NFL 2022 Week Nine Post Thursday Night Picks

November 6th, 2022

LA Chargers (-3) at Atlanta
This looks to me like not much more than your standard-issue matchup of two solidly middle-of-the-pack teams. So I’ll take the home team. Falcons by a point.

Miami (-4) at Chicago
The Dolphins have to keep winning now to make sure their collapse down the stretch hits as hard as possible. Miami by seven.

Carolina (+7) at Cincinnati
The Panthers show up just as the Bengals are in need of a way to clear an embarrassing prime time loss out of their systems. Cincinnati by 13.

Green Bay (-3.5) at Detroit
The 2022 Packers are not good. But, um, there’s not good and then there’s the Lions. Green Bay by seven.

Indianapolis (+5) at New England
It’s hard to imagine the Colts’ one-dimensional offense presenting too difficult a puzzle for the Patriots’ D to solve. New England by a touchdown.

Buffalo (-11) at NY Jets
There’s no reason to think the Bills will do anything less than beat the stuffing out of the Jets. The smart move is to give the 11 points and then some. But, ah, I don’t know. Road game. Division rivals. Something tells me the Jets find a way to keep it to something resembling a one-score margin. Let’s say Bills by eight.

Minnesota (-3) at Washington
The Vikings are the best team in a weak division. The Handmaid’s Tale Villains are the worst team in a strong one. I think the difference still favors the visitors, but I’m not giving three. Minnesota by a point. At the buzzer.

Las Vegas (-2.5) at Jacksonville
How the hell the Raiders are showing up as favorites against any team in any stadium right now is beyond my comprehension. Jaguars by four.

Seattle (+2) at Arizona
Think I’ll let Kevin Rowland give voice to the difference here: “Oh, Geno! Whoa, Geno!” Seahawks by four.

LA Rams (+3) at Tampa Bay
I’m not sure the winner of this game is going anywhere. But it seems pretty evident that the loser is going directly to the offseason. I’ll take the home team to win it straight up. It’s a push with the points.

Tennessee (-12.5) at Kansas City
These teams may come into this game with the same record (5-2), but they’re not playing on the same level. Kansas City by 14.

Baltimore (-2) at New Orleans
It’s likely the Saints will continue to have their moments through the rest of the season. This, however, will not be one of those moments. Ravens by nine.

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