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NFL 2022 Week Eleven Picks

November 20th, 2022

Well, I let Thursday night’s game slip by without making a pick again. Only this time it hurts, as I’m confident I would have had the underdog Titans winning straight up. But what can you do. I snost and I lost.

Here’s what not to expect from the remaining games.

Chicago (+2.5) at Atlanta
I think if I believed the Bears could field a balanced offense, I’d take them to beat the inconsistent Falcons. Actually, even knowing the Bears have a one-dimensional O, I’m not sure they won’t pull off an upset here. But, ugh, I just don’t know what to make of either of these teams. Atlanta by a point.

Cleveland (+8) vs. Buffalo at Ford Field, Detroit
The Bills need to get back on track following tough losses in back-to-back games. The Browns are toast. The only things likely to change with the blizzard-driven venue shift are where and in front of whom the Browns get their heads handed to them. Buffalo by 17.

Philadelphia (-6.5) at Indianapolis
YepThe Eagles might be a little bit better than the Raiders. Philadelphia by 14.

NY Jets (+3) at New England
All defense. New England by three.

LA Rams (+2.5) at New Orleans
Seems like the Rams are gonna need another offseason to cure their Super Bowl hangover. Saints by four.

Detroit (+3) at NY Giants
The Giants don’t really put opponents away, which I think is why no one seems to think they’re for real. But the object is to win. And New Jersey mostly wins. Giants by six.

Carolina (+13) at Baltimore
This shouldn’t prove much of a challenge for the vastly superior home team. Ravens by 20.

Washington (-3) at Houston
What needs to be said other than the Texans are terrible? Handmaids Tale Villains by nine.

Las Vegas (+2.5) at Denver
One of these teams is going to have to win this game. I think it’s the visitors. Raiders by three.

Dallas (-1.5) at Minnesota
Sooner or later, the experts are going to start believing in the Vikings. As soon as that happens, they’ll start losing games. But until then … . Minnesota by a point.

Cincinnati (-3.5) at Pittsburgh
A lot has changed since these teams met on opening weekend. And most of it favors the Bengals. Cincinnati by three.

Kansas City (-5.5) at LA Chargers
Divisional opponents are often more of a challenge than they ought to be. Kansas City by four.

San Francisco (-8) vs. Arizona at Estadio Azteca, Mexico City
The 49ers defense should keep the Cardinals off the board for most of the evening if not all of it. It’s a low-scoring game, but San Francisco still manages to win by 10.

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