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NFL 2022 Week Fifteen, Post Thursday Night Picks

December 18th, 2022

Indianapolis (+4) at Minnesota
I’m not sure what one might expect from the Colts coming out of their bye other than than that they’ll resume losing games and looking ahead to 2023. The Vikings, on the other hand, can sew up their division by logging their eleventh win. That’s usually a pretty good motivator. Minnesota by a touchdown.

Baltimore (+3) at Cleveland
YepIt would be foolish, I know, to expect much of anything out of the Ravens offense. But it’s also hard to imagine the Browns getting much done against the Ravens defense. I’m thinking Baltimore 13-9.

Miami (+7) at Buffalo
The Dolphins rarely fare well when they have to travel north in December. Visiting a Bills team that would have them outmatched in any stadium, that bodes particularly ill for Miami. Still, division matchups have a way of being closer than they should be. Buffalo by six.

Philadelphia (-7.5) at Chicago
It seems like the only thing that can possibly keep this thing from getting real ugly real fast is location. And I’m not even sure that will get the job done. Eagles by 17.

Atlanta (+4) at New Orleans
Both of these teams are oriented toward 2023. The Falcons have the strange advantage of starting a quarterback of whom there is no NFL tape to study. Atlanta by a point.

Detroit (+1) at NY Jets
The Lions late surge will be over the minute I start believing it’s for real. So not quite yet. Jets by a field goal.

Pittsburgh (+3) at Carolina
The Steelers’ 5-8 is a more respectable 5-8 than the Panthers’ 5-8. If that makes any sense. And, you know, even if it doesn’t. Pittsburgh by three.

Dallas (-4) at Jacksonville
The Jags at best are on again, off again. And it’s an off week. Cowboys by seven.

Kansas City (-14.5) at Houston
The Texans played what one has to imagine will remain their best game of the reason a week ago. And they still managed to lose. Kansas City by 14.

Arizona (+1.5) at Denver
Bet the under. Broncos by three.

New England (+1) at Las Vegas
The Patriots defense ought to be able to carry this one. New England by four.

Tennessee (+3) at LA Chargers
YepI don’t think the Chargers are better than the Titans by a lot. But they’re better than the Titans by enough to be able to beat them at home. Los Angeles by six.

Cincinnati (-3.5) at Tampa Bay
The only thing keeping the Buccaneers in the hunt right now is the weakness of the NFC South. Bengals by seven.

NY Giants (+4.5) at Washington
The Giants could only manage a tie when these two teams met in New Jersey two weeks ago. It’s hard to imagine they get a win here. Handmaid’s Tale villains by four.

LA Rams (+7) at Green Bay
Shrug. I’d rather be at a random office holiday party. Packers by three.

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