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NFL 2022 Week Sixteen Picks

December 24th, 2022

Jacksonville (+1.5) at NY Jets
The Jets are done, though I’m not sure they know it. The Jaguars are very much alive, though I’m not sure that means very much in the terrible AFC South. I’ll take the delusional home team over the illusionary road team. Jets by a field goal.

Buffalo (-8) at Chicago
If the Bills weren’t in a tight race for the AFC one seed, I’d say eight feels like a lot to give in a road game. But the Bills are in a tight race for the seed. And I just don’t see them giving the Bears even the most remote opportunity to get between them and a first-round bye. Buffalo by 14.

New Orleans (+3) at Cleveland
Yeah, I don’t know. Neither of these teams is very good. I guess the Browns at least appear to be trying. Cleveland by four.

Houston (+3) at Tennessee
The best possible outcome of this season for the Titans appears to be a home loss to the Ravens, Chargers, or Dolphins in the wild card round. And even that requires that they hold off the Jaguars these final three weeks of the regular season. That’s not a given. But a home win over the Texans should be. Tennessee by a point.

Seattle (+10) at Kansas City
The Seahawks are probably going to slip into the tournament with a 9-8 record. But they’re not going much of anywhere in the postseason. And they’re getting that eighth loss this weekend. Kansas City by 13.

NY Giants (+4) at Minnesota
The Vikings should have just enough offense to log a win and hold the onto their slim lead for the NFC two seed. Minnesota by three.

Cincinnati (-3) at New England
The Patriots appear to have forgotten how to win football games. Perhaps they’ll work it out over the the fast-approaching offseason. Bengals by four.

Detroit (-2.5) at Carolina
Are the Lions really for real? It’s hard to imagine, isn’t it? And yet … . Detroit by six.

Atlanta (+6.5) at Baltimore
The Ravens have been struggling a bit of late. But let’s not be silly. Baltimore by 10.

Washington (+6.5) at San Francisco
Not a lot to wonder about here. The home team has the visitor outclassed by a considerable margin on both sides of the ball. San Francisco by 14.

Philadelphia (+4.5) at Dallas
There’s no such thing as a good moment for losing your starting QB. But, uh, this is more of a not good moment than most. The good news for the Eagles is that they probably still end up as the NFC one seed, which will serve them well if there’s an eventual rematch in the postseason. But that’s a story for another day. For now, it’s Cowboys by three.

Las Vegas (+2) at Pittsburgh
This week’s opponents are rather unlikely to hand the Raiders a free win. So that’ll be different. Steelers by a field goal.

Green Bay (+3.5) at Miami
The Packers should be able to achieve some offensive production. But not enough. Dolphins by three.

Denver (-3) at LA Rams
This should be a great game to nap through. Broncos by some number of points. Let’s call it three just so we don’t have to think about it anymore.

Tampa Bay (-7.5) at Arizona
Another perfect game for not watching on Christmas. Buccaneers by 12.

LA Chargers (-4) at Indianapolis
The Chargers continue their push to the postseason. Los Angeles by a touchdown.

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