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NFL 2022 Week Seventeen Picks

December 29th, 2022

Dallas (-12.5) at Tennessee
The Titans are still in a race for a division title. The Cowboys almost certainly won’t be able to improve their seeding in the NFC to better than five (the top wild card spot). And yet … Dallas by 14.

Arizona (+3.5) at Atlanta
The only possible prize for winning this game is a lower slot in the 2023 draft order. That always adds up to an exciting afternoon of football. Falcons by six.

Chicago (+6) at Detroit
The Lions are still in the hunt. Technically speaking. They also appear to be interested in building toward a strong 2023. So they at least have something to play for. Detroit by three.

Denver (+12.5) at Kansas City
The Chiefs are battling for home field and a bye. The Broncos are just trying to get to the offseason. Kansas City by 17.

Miami (+3) at New England
Both of these teams are limping toward the finish line. Just as it’s always safe to assume the Dolphins will find a way to beat the Patriots in Miami, it’s always safe to assume the Patriots will find a way to beat the Dolphins in Foxborough. New England by a point.

Indianapolis (+6) at NY Giants
This will not be the greatest game ever played. But I’m sure the Giants will be happy to get a win just the same. New Jersey by seven.

New Orleans (+5.5) at Philadelphia
With a win here, the Eagles will position themselves to start preparing for their divisional round opponent. Philadelphia by nine.

Carolina (+3) at Tampa Bay
Tom Brady has never led a team as bad as the 2022 Tampa Bay Buccaneers. And he’s leading this one right into the playoffs. Exciting, isn’t it? Tampa by six.

Cleveland (+2) at Washington
YepSure does look like the entire NFC East is headed for the postseason. All the way down to the Handmaid’s Tale Villains. Washington by four.

Jacksonville (-4.5) at Houston
The Jaguars will be trying to stay healthy for their division-deciding matchup with Tennessee in week 18. The Texans should be trying to hold onto the first overall pick in the 2023 draft. And those things should combine to make for some truly exceptional football. Jaguars by three.

San Francisco (-10) at Las Vegas
I guess the Raiders at least don’t need to worry about blowing a big lead in this game. That’s … well, it’s a thing. Right? San Francisco by 14.

NY Jets (-1.5) at Seattle
The Jets ought to be able to handle the Seahawks. And the Seahawks ought to be able to make it at least somewhat interesting. New Jersey by a point.

Minnesota (+3.5) at Green Bay
The Packers’ late season surge ends here. Vikings by a field goal

LA Rams (+6.5) at LA Chargers
The Chargers are trying to earn a trip to Jacksonville (or Nashville) in the wild card round. The Rams are trying to get out of this crushing hangover season. Chargers by seven.

Pittsburgh (+2.5) at Baltimore
The Ravens also would like to qualify for that easy wildcard round trip to Jacksonville or Nashville. Baltimore by three.

Buffalo (-1) at Cincinnati
There’s an excellent chance these teams meet again in three weeks. Bengals by two. This time.

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