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NFL 2022 Wild Card Round Picks

January 14th, 2023

Seattle (+9.5) at San Francisco
I expect to see the 49ers D control this game from start to finish. San Francisco by 12.

LA Chargers (-1.5) at Jacksonville
It’s kind of disappointing that this game between two of the more exciting — if difficult to peg — teams in the tournament has to happen in the first round. But so it goes. I won’t be surprised by any outcome. Nor would any outcome disappoint me. But I think we’ll see Jacksonville control the pace of the game and come away with a narrow win. Jaguars by three.

Miami (+13.5) at Buffalo
Almost every year there’s some team in the postseason that everyone knows doesn’t really belong there. This year that team is the Dolphins. Familiarity may help Miami keep this one close through three quarters, but the Bills will put it away in the fourth. Buffalo by 10.

NY Giants (+3) at Minnesota
The Vikings could potentially find a way to lose this game. And the Giants are good enough to take advantage if the hosts give them that chance. But it’s a bit hard to envision. Minnesota by a point.

Baltimore (+8.5) at Cincinnati
If I believe the Bengals are headed for the Super Bowl (and I do), I’ve kinda got to take them here, right? Cincinnati by five.

Dallas (-2.5) at Tampa Bay
If ever there comes a day when I’m willing to pick against Tom Brady in the postseason, I’ll be sure to let you know. Tampa puts up a TD in the final minute of regulation that ultimately lifts them to a four-point margin of victory.

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