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NFL 2022 Divisional Round Picks

January 21st, 2023

Jacksonville (+9) at Kansas City
The Jaguars are not the same team that lost by 10 points in Kansas City back in mid November. So I wouldn’t be entirely shocked to see an upset here, especially if Jacksonville catches the hosts napping early and builds a two-score lead. But I’m not predicting that. Kansas City simply has too much going for it on offense to lose to a Jacksonville squad that’s probably still a season away from being a real threat in the postseason. I’m just looking for the Jaguars to keep it competitive. Kansas City by three.

NY Giants (+7.5) at Philadelphia
This is the third meeting between these division rivals in over the course of just six weeks. And it presents the Eagles with the difficult task of beating a team for the third time in a season. The Giants, who have a history of playing tough in the role of postseason underdogs, won’t make it easy. In the end, I think we see a high scoring game in which Philadelphia’s offense is able to outpace New Jersey’s — but not by much. Eagles put up three in the closing seconds to come away with a one-point win.

Cincinnati (+5.5) at Buffalo
The league’s “solution” to the unfinished game between these two teams in week 17 thoroughly put the screws to the Bengals. Cincinnati was in control of that match when play was stopped and should be hosting this game. (Make no mistake here. There was no continuing that game. But there were better options for resolving the matter than punishing a Cincinnati team that did nothing wrong.) That isn’t to say that I believe emotion makes the difference here. I don’t. I think the fact that the Bengals are a better football team than the Bills is what makes the difference. Cincinnati by four.

Dallas (+4) at San Francisco
I don’t see the Cowboys overcoming the 49ers defense. I could say more, but that’s all that really matters. San Francisco by three.

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