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NFL 2022 Conference Championship Picks

January 28th, 2023

San Francisco (+2.5) at Philadelphia
YepI should be picking the visitors here. I’ve been talking about a Super Bowl XVI/XXIII rematch since before the postseason started. And both San Francisco and Cincinnati go into conference championship weekend with a great chance to make it happen. And maybe if the Niners were hosting, I wouldn’t be second guessing myself. But the Eagles are hosting. And, great as the 49ers defense may be — and resilient as San Fran’s offense may be — the Eagles are one of the most complete and well balanced teams we’ve seen in recent years. It’s hard to overcome a team like that in any arena, let alone their own. I’m expecting a close, low-scoring game the outcome of which is in question right up to the final seconds. And I’m expecting the Eagles to come out ahead by a point.

Cincinnati (+1.5) at Kansas City
Sure, let’s all focus on how Patrick Mahomes’ injured leg affects what the Kansas City offense can accomplish in this game (or doesn’t affect it, depending on your point of view). That seems like much more fun than simply acknowledging that the Bengals, once again, are the more balanced — which is to say better — football team. Cincinnati by four.

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